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Smart orthotic footwear solutions can help you overcome painful or debilitating injuries or medical conditions that affect your feet and ankles. Custom-molded shoes and inserts alter the fit to best support your feet while you work on recovery. With the modification of your footwear, you can resume daily activities without causing additional harm to your feet and ankles. Start your journey by learning all you need to know about our pedorthotics products.


  • Custom molded shoes
  • Custom diabetic shoes
  • Diabetic socks and accessories
  • Diabetic insoles
  • Post-operative shoes
  • Shoe modifications


Our prosthetist will conduct a thorough examination and assess your health before identifying the best type of pedorthotics for you. You may have your existing shoes modified with an insert or receive a new pair of custom-molded shoes to wear. Custom shoes are personalized to your exact needs and medical condition. You can receive pedorthotics in the form of custom diabetic shoes, postoperative shoes, and other specially designed items.

Your custom-molded post-operative shoes and other pedorthotics provide the foot and ankle support you need while recovering from an injury or complications from an illness. With properly fitting pedorthotics, you should notice an immediate improvement in your ability to move without pain. The custom-molded shoes will keep your feet and ankles stabilized to facilitate healing and to prevent additional damage from occurring.

Learning all you can about custom diabetic shoes and other pedorthotics allows you to head into the fitting process with confidence. You can share your newfound knowledge with friends, family members, and other supportive individuals to help them understand your daily challenges. By sharing this knowledge with others, you will, in turn, receive the support you need in your recovery process. For professional support, call (501) 683-8889 to speak to the Horton’s team.

Your post-operative shoes and other pedorthotics can help relieve pain, promote healing and improve mobility as long as they are kept in proper working order. The supportive materials must retain their shape to perform the targeted functions assigned by the prosthetist. You can ensure the materials remain in great condition with regular inspections and cleanings. You must examine every surface of the pedorthotics to spot developing problems that can then be reported to your team at Horton’s. Clean surfaces with a wet rag and mild cleanser to keep the materials from breaking down while under heavy use.

For best results, you must have custom diabetic shoes or other custom-molded shoes that fit properly. To achieve an excellent fit, you can schedule regular visits with your prosthetic expert. At these appointments, you will undergo an examination to assess your pedorthotics needs and determine if your custom-molded shoes offer the best support. Your prosthetist also will assess your progress in recovering from the injury or health condition.

You also can make the most of your journey in custom-molded shoes by taking advantage of well-designed accessories. The socks and sleeves offered for shoes and other pedorthotics make wearing the products much more comfortable in the long run. Make sure to keep a couple pairs of each of your favorites on hand for immediate use when you need to wear your custom molded shoes. If you would like to receive support in acquiring or wearing pedorthotics, call (501) 683-8889 to speak to our team.

Learn about how Horton’s custom fabricated products will help you maintain your quality of life and active lifestyle.


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