Lindsay Hicks

Patient Care Advocate

Lindsay Hicks has joined our Hortons team as our Patient Care Advocate. She was born with a rare birth defect called PFFD and lived with a limb difference of 7 1/2 inches on her left leg, wearing a brace that helped make her legs the same length. By the age of 22 years old, her knee joint was so painful that she could barely walk. She had to make the decision to electively amputate her leg, through the knee joint. She went through a dark depression for 8 years after amputation, until she had her daughter, Lyla. Lyla is 8 years old now and the light of her life. She saved her from that depression and made her so much stronger. She became more confident and knew that she could do more in life than what she was doing. She became determined to teach her daughter to not hide her imperfections and to embrace what was given to her in life. Lindsay became determined to learn how to run because she was unable to run before amputation, so she raised $8,000 in 3 months and received her running leg with the help of Hortons in the winter of 2013. She ran her first Peach festival 4 miles in her home town of Clarksville, AR in July of 2014. She ran her second 5k on the Vegas strip in the fall of 2014. She now runs in her spare time and plans to start back running 5ks soon.

Lindsay has been an above the knee amputee for 14 years now. She graduated from Arkansas Tech University- Ozark Campus in the summer of 2015 with an Associates Degree in Business Technology. She also graduated from The College of Health Care Professions in San Antonio, TX as a Certified Physical Therapist Technician in 2017. She has been the spokesperson for a non-profit group in San Antonio, TX called The Prosthetic Foundation where she also did numerous motivational speaking at various events. She worked for numerous Prosthetic and Orthotic companies in San Antonio, TX and in Chattanooga, TN as the Marketing Director and Patient Advocate for many amputees as they go down the road of amputation.

She has 6 years of Marketing and Patient Advocate experience. She started and developed her own amputee support group called The Journey: Amputee Support System that helped bring together many amputees to talk about their journey’s as an amputee and their daily triumphs and struggles that each of them face on a daily basis. It also helped amputees overcome the mental and emotional struggles they were going through before and after amputation.

She is a Certified Peer Support Visitor through the Amputee Coalition of America.

Lindsay resides in Clarksville, AR, with her daughter, where she was raised most of her life.

Her mission in life is to help other amputees see that there is life after amputation, you just have to have the right mindset to overcome all the obstacles life may throw their way.