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Mark Hemleben has an extensive career and vast knowledge in the world of Prosthetics. He first attended college at Mississippi State University, where he earned his bachelors of science degree in Kinesiology in 2004.

Shortly thereafter, Mark dove into the research field as a Motion Lab Research Coordinator at Methodist Rehabilitation Center in Jackson, Mississippi. It was there that his interest into the prosthetics field really began to take shape. Mark specialized in collecting, analyzing, and organizing data from TBI, stroke, and spinal cord injury patients. He also authored several research studies that have been published in medical journals, such as Journal of Biomechanics and Gait & Posture.

As aforementioned, Mark’s interest in prosthetics peaked while working in the research gait lab and subsequently, he chose to pursue a degree within the field. Mark was then accepted into University of Northwestern School of Medicine in Chicago, where he graduated in 2014 and became ABC Certified in Prosthetics. Since then, Mark has helped countless prosthetic patients receive top-quality care utilizing cutting edge technology and the most up-to-date methodologies in an attempt to restore his patients to their highest quality of life.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys spending time with his family, volunteering as a soccer coach for the Hot Springs Youth Soccer Association, and is an active member of St. Mary of the Springs Catholic Church.