Enjoy Your Summer with Custom Post-Mastectomy Swimwear

Enjoy Your Summer with Custom Post-Mastectomy Swimwear

Summer is here! Now is a great time to find yourself some stunning mastectomy swimwear. Thanks to the availability of mastectomy bra fitting services, you can feel confident and beautiful in a well-fitted mastectomy bra with built-in forms. How do you begin shopping for mastectomy swimwear? Here is some guidance:

Why are mastectomy swimwear and bra fitting important after breast surgery?

Choosing the right bra is difficult for every woman, but ensuring the best fit is even more difficult after a mastectomy, regardless of reconstruction. 

The type of swimwear you choose wholly depends on your individual style and how revealing you choose to be post-mastectomy. Scars can show through certain bikini tops, which may make you feel uncomfortable — or proud to show off your survival marks! 

First and foremost, identify what you want to hide and what you want to flaunt. Second, there’s the all-important fit. A proper fitting bikini top or swimsuit will make a world of difference to how you look and feel.

Finding a certified mastectomy fitter can help alleviate some of the unique barriers women experience post-mastectomy. We understand the psychological elements essential to healing after breast surgery. Feeling like your usual, womanly self is a big part of the process. You can look and feel confident about wearing mastectomy swimwear with the right fit and custom mastectomy bras with built-in forms.

Tips for Choosing the Best Mastectomy Swimwear

Opt for snug-fitting pieces. 

If you underwent a single mastectomy and have a prosthesis on the other side, you might want to choose snug-fitting swimwear. Feeling normal after surgery is important, and choosing items that fit snuggly will help keep your chest firmly in place while lying down, bending, or swimming. 

Consider mastectomy bras with built-in forms.

Breast prostheses, also known as weighted breast forms, allow you to maintain mass in the same places as before surgery. Aside from making your chest look symmetrical, they are functional for everyday wear and can help you maintain good posture. After your mastectomy bra fitting, you can choose to get prostheses or go for built-in forms. You don’t need separate bras and prostheses with built-in forms, which can make shopping for clothes and swimwear easier.

Choose pocketed designs. 

If you choose to wear prostheses, some mastectomy swimwear has cleverly hidden pockets in which to insert your breast forms, ensuring they remain in place. Find a certified mastectomy fitter who will help you find the right breast forms for your body if you have not already. 

With the right prostheses for your body shape and a few tricks and tips for swimming post-mastectomy, you do not have to sacrifice the latest summer fashions. There is more to life after surgery than just comfort and functionality; this more includes finding flattering swimwear so you feel good about yourself.

Check out swim forms. 

Swim forms are among the available custom post-mastectomy swimwear and can be a good alternative to breast forms that get bulky when swimming. Swim forms are lighter, less dense, and their design allows water to flow freely without excessive absorption. Rinsing them in freshwater after swimming increases longevity. 

If you prefer, you can insert them in the built-in pockets. You can also attach them to your chest using a particular adhesive. Find a certified mastectomy fitter and ask them about the best custom swim form options for you.

Use high necklines to subtly cover what you prefer to keep private. 

Putting your body on exhibition at the beach may scare you (especially if you have scarring following surgery), but flattering mastectomy swimwear that hides the places you prefer not to display is absolutely available. 

Rock your summer mastectomy style by choosing swimwear with high necklines. This style is great for concealing breast forms and surgical scars. Shop around for items to match your preferences. 

Don’t forget your beach cover-ups. 

Having fun in the sun could lead to sunburn. Be extra cautious about sun exposure after a mastectomy. Your skin will be more sensitive, especially if you are still undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Being cautious in the sun should be a priority. Limit your sun exposure by getting quality sunscreen, and go shopping for trendy beach cover-ups for extra protection.

Remember nobody has the right to judge you. 

When we go to the beach, we often think people are looking at us and judging our bodies. Honestly, the people around you are much more likely to be worrying about how they look. 

While you may see one thing in the mirror, no one else is going to examine you with eyes as demanding of perfection as your own. Because you know where your scars are, your eyes are instantly drawn to them. Other people will not view you with the same forensic intensity. 

If you feel nervous, take a beach cover up — like a stylish serong or beach dress — and take your time revealing yourself. You may find the longer you spend on the beach, the more confident you begin to feel.

For More Information

Shopping for the best swimwear after a mastectomy can feel challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Mastectomy bras with built-in forms and other products make finding post-mastectomy swimwear a lot easier. Finding a certified mastectomy fitter can ensure you enjoy your summer. For fitting services, contact Horton’s Orthotics and Prosthetics online, or call us at 501-214-4191 to schedule an appointment today!