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When you are recovering from an injury or medical condition that impedes the function of your upper or lower extremities, it is important to learn all you can about orthotics. These custom-made devices can relieve pain, prevent complications, and help you heal quickly. You may need upper- or lower-extremity orthotics to treat conditions that affect your back, neck, arms, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, or feet. Your road to recovery truly begins when you learn everything you need to know about these medical devices.



Ranging from simple devices to complex orthoses which immobilize cervical spine.

  • Neck support pillows
  • Minervas
  • Foam and plastic cervical collars
  • Cervical halo devices
  • S.O.M.I. (Sterno-Occipital-Mandibular-Immobilizer)
  • Philadelphia collars

Prefabricated back braces for moderate back support as well as custom-made braces to restrict unwanted movement, decrease pain, and prevent deformities.

  • CASH hyperextension braces
  • Lumbosacral corsets
  • Chairback braces
  • Jewett hyperextension braces
  • Knight-Taylor braces
  • Sacroiliac supports
  • Elastic rib belts
  • Williams braces
  • Thoracic-lumbar corsets
  • Sacroiliac corsets

Custom-made pelvic girdles and body jackets for treatment of scoliosis and post-operative spinal fusion and function after the primary cast.

  • One and two piece body jackets
  • Boston Overlap braces
  • Cervical thoracic orthoses (CTO)
  • Thoracic lumbar sacral orthoses (TLSO)
  • Cervical thoracic lumbar sacral orthoses (CTLSO)

Custom-made plastic and metal bracing systems to control undesirable or abnormal motion and permit more normal function.

  • Metal short and long leg braces
  • Plastic ankle/foot orthoses (AFO’s)
  • Plastic knee/ankle/foot orthoses (KAFO’s)
  • Oregon Orthotics Systems (KAFO’s, AFO’s)
  • Elastic ankle supports
  • Hip abduction splints
  • Dynamic ankle flexion/extension
  • Hip flexion-abduction stabilizers

A wide range of devices to provide protection and function.

  • Elastic knee supports
  • Neoprene knee supports
  • Cartilage supports
  • Hinged knee supports/braces
  • Swedish knee cage
  • Knee immobilizers
  • Derotation knee braces (custom fit)
  • Dynamic knee flexion/extension orthoses
  • Osteoarthritis unloading braces
  • ROM knee orthoses
  • Lenox Hill, Don Joy, and Townsend knee orthoses

Brace systems which allow for function after primary cast.

  • Radius/Ulnar
  • Humeral
  • Wrist
  • Tibial
  • Femoral
  • Ankle

A wide range of devices to provide support, immobilization or function to any part of the upper limb.

  • Finger splints
  • Shoulder immobilizers
  • Wrist splints
  • Clavicle splints
  • Knuckle benders
  • Hand splints
  • Arm/shoulder abduction splints
  • Elbow supports

Custom-made inserts and shoe devices to assure proper position and comfort.

  • Plastic foot orthoses
  • Orthopedic extra-depth shoes
  • Shoe modifications
  • Custom-made arch & metatarsal
  • Cast boots/wooden shoes/post-op shoes
  • Boot walkers
  • UCBL


Orthotics can treat a wide range of acute or chronic conditions that affect the neck, spine, hips, knees, and feet. Full upper- and lower-extremity orthoses are also available for the treatment of extensive or complex health conditions and injuries. The purpose-built orthotics typically help stabilize or immobilize the weak or painful area as you work through a rehabilitative program.

Knee orthotics remain in close contact with your body as you move throughout the day. To keep the stance control orthotics in good condition, it is important to complete regular cleaning tasks. Wipe the inside and outside of the orthotic with a damp cloth and mild cleanser. Wear clean socks or sleeves with your orthotics to protect them from dirt and grime between cleanings. Make sure to inspect the orthotics for signs of damage at the end of each day. Report any and all signs of a problem to your orthotics team.

Custom-made orthotics can help you achieve wellness by stabilizing and immobilizing the structures in need of healing. The orthotics offer the support your body needs when it is needed the most. You cannot use the orthotic devices to their full potential without receiving ample orthotics education. You can receive all the information you need, our team of highly educated specialists is happy to help you.

Orthotics have technologically advanced materials that help ensure your comfort. The materials technology used in orthotics also makes the devices much more effective in quickly treating painful or debilitating conditions. The pursuit of technological advancements in this field center around the desire to make orthotics feel as natural as possible.

Restoring mobility and eliminating pain are often the leading factors in seeking custom-made ankle-foot orthotics. The orthotics help stabilize the muscles, joints and other structures to allow them to heal without impeding your normal everyday activities. As the injury or condition heals, the need for ankle, foot or knee orthotics diminishes.

Learn about how Horton’s custom fabricated products will help you maintain your quality of life and active lifestyle.


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