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Our post-mastectomy products help restore the body shape you know and love without having to undergo reconstructive surgery. The beautifully designed breast forms mimic the shape and size of your natural breasts. With so many product variances to consider, you may need support to find your perfect mastectomy camisole and bra. Our team at Horton’s can provide the assistance and education you need.


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A breast form (prosthesis) is a soft silicone molded form designed to recreate the natural appearance and gentle movement of a woman’s breast. Silicone is the most lifelike substance available for use. Silicone forms can last several years with proper care and carry two-year warranties.

Most breast forms are worn in a pocket that is sewn into your bra. There are also attachable breast forms that adhere to the chest wall.

The breast form is weighted to restore balance, help maintain shoulder posture and increase physical comfort. There are several different styles and shapes of breast forms, including fiberfill puffs and lighter weight forms available for lounge and leisurewear.

Cost is between $250-$450

In a completely private consultation, a trained specialist will discuss and display the products available to you. A properly fitted bra is the single most important feature. Your fitting will last about an hour. This time is important because it ensures your getting the best-fit possible and allows time to answer any questions you may have. Since breast surgeries are done in several different ways, each fitting is unique. With a proper fit, no one should ever know, unless you tell them, that you have had breast surgery.

Silicone gel breast forms typically range from $250 – $450, depending on the style and manufacturer.

Insurance coverage varies, but Medicare and many private insurance companies pay a portion if not all of the cost of the prosthesis and two surgical bras. Our staff will be glad to assist you in filling out your claim forms. It has been our experience that Medicare along with private insurance companies offering this coverage will allow replacement forms after two years or for medical reasons.

Most insurance companies require a doctor’s prescription to accompany the completed insurance form. You can bring a prescription with you, or we can call your doctor’s office and request one. We do not require a prescription for you to purchase a breast form or surgical bras if we are not helping you file your insurance.


The breast forms we use feature soft silicone-molded materials that feel gentle on your skin. These forms typically rest inside a bra pocket, though they can stick to your chest wall with adhesive if needed. For athletic activities, specialty products such as a swimming suit with waterproof breast forms are available.

Even when worn daily, silicone-molded breast forms need very little care. The bra and camisole materials require regular washing but be sure to pull the breast forms out of the mastectomy camisole or bra before laundering. Inspect the form for damage or wear before reinserting and wearing. If you notice problems with your breast forms or other post-mastectomy items, contact our team at Horton’s.

We have many different types of mastectomy camisoles and bra products to consider. Breast forms and the mastectomy bras remain the most popular post-mastectomy items in Arkansas. A variety of specialty breast forms exist to support your favorite activities, including specific sports. The bra and form restore the natural shape of your breasts so you can wear your favorite clothes without worry. The weighted material also helps restore your balance and the overall equilibrium of your body.

You can attend a comprehensive consultation with a prosthetist to complete a mastectomy bra fitting and determine if this option is right for you. The bra fitting does not take much more than an hour and is completed in a private setting. During the fitting, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns before making a decision. Throughout this process, your prosthetist will help you select the post-mastectomy items that will serve you best during recovery and beyond.

Mastectomy education is an integral part of the healing process. Key post-mastectomy items can reverse the unwanted changes to your body and help you avoid invasive medical procedures. If you would like to schedule a mastectomy bra fitting or learn more about your preferred mastectomy bra in Arkansas, please contact us.

Learn about how Horton’s custom fabricated products will help you maintain your quality of life and active lifestyle.


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