Finding Supportive Knee Prosthetics in Arkansas

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Finding Supportive Knee Prosthetics in Arkansas

Your knee is the largest joint in your body. It bends thousands of times throughout the day and is made up of a complex system of bones tendons, cartilage, and muscles. As clever as the knee is, it’s also prone to injury. If you have acute or chronic knee pain or a knee injury, a knee brace can give you unparalleled relief.

Not only could a brace reduce your pain levels (or even eliminate the pain altogether), but it could also improve mobility and help you get back to normal after a knee injury. This makes finding supportive knee prosthetics in Arkansas vital to your comfort.

The best place to begin is by learning about the types of knee braces available at Horton’s. Here are the most common ones and how they can help on your journey to better health.

Types of knee braces in Arkansas

There are many types of protective knee supports in Arkansas. The brace you end up with will depend on different factors, such as your body shape and your weight. Your goals are also very important to getting the best knee support.

For example, one brace may be suitable if your goal is to reduce pain. Another brace may be more suitable if your goal is to improve mobility. Here are some of the most common types of knee braces that you can find in Arkansas.

Functional knee braces

If you‘ve experienced a knee ligament injury, then a functional knee brace may be your best option. A functional knee brace will give you support in the location of the torn knee ligament. The brace will give the wearer more mobility and, importantly, protect the knee from further damage.

Unloading knee braces

Unloading braces are typically recommended for those with knee arthritis, a very common but painful condition that 23 percent of American adults live with. An unloading brace can produce an external force that lowers the pressure against the area where arthritis pain is worst. If your aim is to reduce knee pain, then this is an excellent option.

Prophylactic knee brace

If you’re an athlete or looking to increase your physical performance, you may have asked yourself, “What’s the best knee support for athletes?” This is a common question, and the prophylactic knee brace is your best option. The experts at Horton’s recommend it, because helps prevent knee injuries while working out.

Knee immobilizers

An acute knee injury may require you to get a knee immobilizing brace. When it comes to the different types of knee braces, this one is the most restrictive and completely limits your movement. Your knee will then be held in place to properly heal before another brace could be considered.

Prevent future knee injuries with a supportive knee brace

Knee injuries are common. Along with helping this injury heal, a knee brace can also prevent future injuries. This is especially important if you’re an athlete.

Here are some of the most common knee injuries that a brace can help with.

Knee fractures

The kneecap, also called the patella, is one of the most commonly fractured parts of the knee. This type of injury is usually caused by high-energy impact trauma, like falling from a height or dropping something heavy on your knee.

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears

ACL tears are most common among athletes, especially those who play contact sports, such as soccer, basketball, or football. It happens when you twist your knee awkwardly or land awkwardly after a jump.

In these situations or others like them, a knee brace can prevent an ACL tear by keeping the knee set as you move.


Dislocation, also called luxation when the bone separates entirely from the joint and subluxation when it only partially separates, is when the bone is moved out of place from its normal connected position. It can be a very painful injury and often involves a long recovery. A knee brace, however, can help to prevent this painful dislocation.

Jumper’s knee

True to its name, jumper’s knee is caused by too much movement and repetitive actions that put a lot of stress on your knee. It’s more common in joggers and anyone performing regular jumping motions.

Over time, these repetitive movements cause inflammation of the patella tendon, which can be very painful and turn into a chronic problem. A supportive but very flexible knee brace can stop this injury from happening, meaning that you can continue going for your daily jog without worrying about your health.

The latest technology in knee prosthetics and orthoses

Prosthetics and orthoses have come a long way over the decades. The days of embarrassing, uncomfortable, clunky assistive technology are long gone. Your knee is unique, and your reasons for getting supportive knee prosthetics or knee orthoses should fit your needs and goals.

Custom technology involves thoroughly examining your knee, possibly scanning it, and taking certain measurements before designing your custom solution. This might be a custom knee brace that addresses your specific issues. For this, it’s important to know your overall goals when considering the best knee support for your situation. The type of brace you go home with should cater to your overall aims.

For more information

Horton’s can provide you with a suitable, custom solution for any knee issue that you have. Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve your performance or just looking for support for arthritis, you can be confident that we have the answer.

Contact us today at (501) 683-8889, or submit this form to request an appointment. We look forward to working with you on your journey to better health and support!