How Long Can You Wear Bra Forms?

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How Long Can You Wear Bra Forms?

Post-mastectomy breast prostheses let you look your normal shape while restoring symmetry and preventing balance problems. If you’ve wondered or even asked your doctor, “How long can you wear bra forms?”, know that the forms can last for years with proper care.

Here’s some insight into wearing bra forms, what size forms you should get, and the different types of forms that could work for you.

How long can you wear bra forms?

For your wound to heal well, doctors recommend that you start with a soft bra form, which is worn temporarily. Talk to your doctor about how to wear breast forms for the comfort you need while cushioning the scarred area. After this, you can switch to firmer bra forms made of silicon.

For how to wear teardrop breast forms with a perfect silhouette, it’s important that you know how to care for your bra forms. Silicon is highly durable. And as far as asking how long can you wear bra forms, they can last as long as five years with proper care.

Change and wash your bra form daily to ensure that the adhesive surface lasts longer. Moreover, since silicon is easy to clean, you only need to use mild soap and water. Hand washing is best, since machine washing could potentially damage the adhesive or the outer layer. After you’ve washed it, pat it gently with a soft towel to dry it.

Store your bra forms in their original box or special storage containers to preserve their natural shape. Always avoid sharp objects, as they can pierce the breast forms causing spillage, which can easily cause skin irritation. Also, strong chemicals and perfumes could damage the outer layer, reducing their lifespan.

What size breast forms should you get

Immediately after surgery, you’ll need well-fitting bra forms to allow for a smooth recovery. Later, you can explore different mastectomy bras options depending on what you have in mind. Size matters a lot, since you want symmetry. Unfortunately, finding a properly fitting bra form is easier said than done.

When shopping for bra forms, get a professional bra form fitter to help you. They can also tell you how to wear breast forms, how to know the right size, and how to keep the forms in place.

Modern bra forms are easy to wear and keep in place. With adhesive bra forms, you’ll need to first clean the area with alcohol wipes. Then use two to three pieces of tape to stick the breast form on your chest. You can also wear your breast forms with specially designed mastectomy bras which contain pockets for holding the forms in place.

How to wear teardrop breast forms

Breast forms come in different designs. The teardrop breast forms and triangular breast forms, however, are the most common. Triangular breast forms give more projection and would work well if you have strong pectoral muscles or had less breast tissue removed.

If you want a more natural look that mimics natural breasts, choose teardrop forms. These also work well if you had a full mastectomy or had some underarm tissue removed. These forms come in different styles and offer a lot of flexibility. Your fitter can offer more information on how to wear tear drop breast forms for different occasions and to achieve different looks.

What type of breast form should you get?

Choosing the right post-mastectomy breast form depends on different things. Of course, you want a breast form that looks natural under your clothes. You don’t want it to move around even when you exercise.

Here’s a breakdown of your breast form options and what each of them offers.

Foam breast forms

Foam breast forms are made of fiberfill or foam. They’re light and soft and are designed to give you comfort after surgery. They also help protect the surgical wound until you’re ready for silicone breast forms.

Post-surgical soft-form camisole

After your reconstructive surgery, you may want to resume your usual physical activities, including exercise. Post-surgical soft-form camisoles have built-in pockets that hold your detachable breast forms in place to give you the comfort you need as you go about your daily activities. You can even get a breast form camisole for your sports breast form to make you comfortable as you exercise.

Silicone breast forms

These come with nipples and are meant to make you feel even more natural. If you want to experience the feel of a real breast with nipples, you should consider trying a silicone breast form. They are made to look and feel like your natural breasts and will make you appreciate your new look.

Attachable breast forms

As you look for breast forms that you can attach directly to your chest skin, consider going for attachable breast forms with an adhesive surface. The attachable breast forms are designed to stick on your chest skin. They can be a good option for your body-hugging dress, since they can’t fall out of place or be affected by your body movements.

Other options

In addition to breast forms, you can look for t-shirts with internal drain management pockets. These are soft, and they easily absorb moisture, making them ideal for bed. They’re specifically designed with your comfort in mind and won’t irritate your skin. You can also wear your mastectomy nightgowns or recovery robes with pockets designed to hold post-operation drains.

If you love swimming, consider getting post-mastectomy swimwear. For a more fulfilling swimming experience, get snug-fitting swimwear. This is ideal if you had a single mastectomy, because the swimwear will make your chest feel and appear firm. Foam breast forms and mastectomy swimwear with hidden pockets also work well.

For more information

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