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Horton’s prosthetists are experienced in fitting and custom-designing prostheses for upper and lower extremity amputations at virtually any level. Depending on the patient’s age, activity level, special needs, and other considerations, we can recommend the most functional and cost-effective endoskeletal or exoskeletal prosthesis. Each prosthesis is designed and custom-fabricated in our laboratory based on the specific individual needs of the patient. Our certified practitioners, in consultation with your physician, physical therapist, occupational therapist, and other clinical care providers, are committed to bringing each patient to their maximum physical function.

Our lower extremity prostheses include ultralight and energy-storing designs for older or athletic amputees, plus a choice among socket styles and suspension systems. We also specialize in partial foot prosthetics, cosmetic coverings, and combining various lower extremity components to meet particularly challenging prosthetic demands.

Our expert prosthetists also fabricate body-powered or myoelectric upper extremity prostheses. These designs may be fabricated with functional or passive terminal devices and are finished with great attention to natural appearance.

Your treatment at Horton’s doesn’t begin and end with prosthetics because our patients are far more than a medical condition. Helping you reintegrate into vocational, social, cultural, and recreational circles in your life is an important aspect of what we do as part of our tailored rehabilitation program.  

Since Horton’s Orthotic & Prosthetic Lab was established in 1981, our primary mission has been to help our patients overcome the effects of disability and restore our patients to their highest level of independence and participation in society. We are committed to offering the most thorough and skilled rehabilitation services possible to patients of all ages who come to us for assistance, providing a lifetime of support.

Patient education is very important to us. After we provide you with your custom prosthesis, we demonstrate how to use and care for your prosthesis, and establish both an introductory and long-term schedule of wear as well as expectations for follow-up care. We also ease apprehension, offer encouragement, suggest support groups and other helpful resources, and involve your family in the overall recovery program.

Our Prosthetics

Post-op preparatory (temporary) and definitive (permanent) prostheses for below-knee (transtibial), above-knee (transfemoral), hip disarticulation, hemipelvectomy, and foot amputations.

  • Lightweight carbon fiber and titanium components
  • Endoskeletal soft foam coverings
  • Hydraulic knee controls, in a variety of designs
  • Multi-axial joints
  • Energy-storing foot configurations
  • Sports Prostheses
  • lschial containment socket designs (narrow M-L/CAT CAM)
  • Total surface bearing and Suction socket prostheses
  • Conventional Exoskeletal Systems
  • Flexible Sockets
  • 3S systems
  • Supracondylar suspension systems, (molded and articulating)
  • Microprocessor controlled systems
  • Elevated vacuum suspension systems

Functional and cosmetic prostheses for below-elbow, above-elbow, shoulder disarticulation, and hand or finger amputations.

  • Myoelectric hands
  • Electronically-operated elbow units
  • Hand and finger restorations
  • Wide array of hook/hand designs to suit patient activity
  • Harness and cable configurations modified to patient muscular ability
  • Passive/Cosmetic prostheses
  • Bionic prostheses

Learn more about how we fabricate the following custom advanced sports prosthetic devices on our Sports Prosthetics page:

  • Cheetah Xtend
  • Cheetah Xtreme
  • iLimb
  • Rheo Knee
  • Power Knee
  • Proprio Foot
  • Symbionic Leg
  • Moto Knee
  • Versa Foot

Learn more about the prosthetic devices we utilize in treating children on our Pediatrics page.

Contact our office if you need more supplies of the following prosthetic accessories:

  • Socks
  • Shrinkers
  • Sleeves
  • Sheaths

A prescription from your physician is required for any custom prosthetic device or pre-fabricated prosthesis.

Have a question about prosthetics or orthotics? Want more information from one of our certified clinicians? Contact us!

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When Will My Prosthetic Be Ready?

Remember – your prosthetic will be ready about two weeks AFTER your insurance approves your claim. We can’t begin production until your insurance has approved your prosthetic. We know how frustrating the wait can be, and we do everything in our power to make sure that your prosthetic gets to you as soon as humanly possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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