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On-site Fabrication: The Horton's Difference cover

On-site Fabrication: The Horton’s Difference

For someone who has lost a limb, life can drastically change. Once taken for granted, simple daily tasks can suddenly become difficult or even impossible. Walking or even picking up objects can become major challenges. Custom-made prosthetics are offering new hope and freedom to those with limb ... Read More

A pair of bare feet are against a white marble background. Learning how orthotics help flat feet can help you choose the best orthotics for you.

How Do Orthotics Help Relieve Flat Foot Problems

How do orthotics help flat feet? Let’s talk about reliable solutions for foot and ankle pain. According to the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, studies show that one in five people report foot pain.People over 40 are more likely to experience foot and ankle pain that impacts their quality of ... Read More

Latest Changes in Prosthetics and Custom Orthotics

Approximately 2 million Americans have undergone an amputation. Although the reasons for amputations may vary, what amputees have in common is decreased mobility from limb loss as well as residual limb pain. However, the following advances in orthotics and prosthetics have seen most amputees regain ... Read More

The Latest Technology Used in Prosthetics and Orthotics

The cutting edge technologies supporting prosthetics and orthotics continue to advance, with even more on the horizon. From new techniques in surgery to deeper levels of customizability, this field is rapidly changing to provide improvements in the function of prosthetics and orthotics. Take a look ... Read More