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Has Your Child Outgrown His/Her Brace?

A pediatric brace will need to be replaced because of the normal periods of growth in childhood. Whether your child was advised by a physician to wear a back brace due to a motor vehicle accident, pediatric scoliosis, or surgical outcome, your child may refuse to wear it if it’s an uncomfortable, ... Read More

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The Types of Back Braces and Their Benefits

The technology used in orthotics today has advanced to an incredible degree. Not only is there a brace for every condition and situation, but you will find one that helps correct the adverse effects of your specific condition. ... Read More

The Secret to How Custom-Made Orthotics Really Work

If you’re new to the world of custom made orthotics, the process can seem understandably complex. The technology that goes into personalizing an orthotic device to exactly meet your needs is one that includes several precise steps – each performed by a dedicated team of experts. ... Read More

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How Orthotics Can Help with Pain from Flat Feet

While not everyone with flat feet needs orthotics, many have experienced greater comfort and an overall greater quality of life from orthotic use. Learn about the many ways orthotics can improve the health of your feet and overall well-being. Just as there are many different types of flat feet, ... Read More