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What are the best shoes to wear after a knee replacement?

What Kind Of Shoes Should You Wear After A Knee Replacement?

Every year, more than 790,000 knee replacement surgeries are performed. Knee replacement surgery is one of the most common of all orthopedic procedures.It's no easy task to go back to life as before in the aftermath of a knee replacement. But with the right support, you can do it!This includes ... Read More

Where to Find Diabetic Inserts in Arkansas

Where to Find Diabetic Inserts in Arkansas

From regular blood testing and eyesight checks to daily medication or injections, living with diabetes means having to think about many different areas of your health, including your feet. Here’s a brief guide to understanding foot complications with diabetes and how Horton’s Orthotics & ... Read More

orthotics for flat feet pain

3 Signs You May Need Orthotics for Your Flat Feet Pain

For some, it’s obvious that you have flat feet just by looking at your soles. For others, however, pain points, injuries, and balance issues let you know that you may need orthotics for flat feet. Depending on whether your foot actually looks flat or only flattens when it strikes the ground, it can ... Read More

foot orthotics

Helping You Heal: Foot Orthotics for Every Condition

Having a foot condition, such as flat feet or tendinitis, does not mean you have to live with painful or aching feet, toes, and ankles. Talk to a pedorthist in Arkansas about your orthotic footwear options. Whether you purchase them over-the-counter or have them custom-fitted, foot orthotics in any ... Read More

ortthotic footwear

When Your Feet Are Your Livelihood, You Need the Right Shoes

Athletic activities can put considerable pressure on your feet, increasing your risk of injury. Shoe orthotics for athletes can provide extra support, comfort, and protection while running, jumping, and performing other repetitive or strenuous movements. Athletes put their feet through a lot of wear ... Read More

post-operative shoes in Arkansas

How to Find the Best Post-Operative Shoes for Your Feet

Supporting your feet during recovery ensures your surgery is a success, so choose the post-operative shoes that are right for you and your needs. Whether you have a bone deformity, arthritis, bunions, or injury, you may tend to focus only on researching the best treatment and preparing for surgery. ... Read More

custom orthopedic shoes in Arkansas

How Custom Orthopedic Shoes Can Alleviate Your Foot Pain

If you experience foot pain related to a medical condition, recent surgery, or trauma, consult the pedorthists at Horton’s Orthotics & Prosthetics to discover your options for custom orthopedic shoes in Arkansas. Millions of individuals in the United States can and do suffer from chronic or ... Read More