A Guidebook of Amputee Education in Arkansas

A Guidebook of Amputee Education in Arkansas

Roughly 1.8 million Americans have undergone amputation surgery. If you or a loved one is about to undergo an amputation, then let this education guidebook provide you with information on resources available to you, such as treatment, supportive equipment, and lifetime support schemes for amputees.

Why amputation?

Doctors perform amputations for many reasons. Doctors usually consider this surgical procedure to control severe pain, remove cancer, remove a tumor, remove infection, or eliminate frostbite.

It is also a solution doctors consider when they have exhausted all other options.

Treatment plans

Certain treatments plans can help you return to your normal routine following surgery. The best strategy is to enroll in a treatment center where you will be able to access different treatment plans that will fit your needs. Taking advantage of the carefully tailored treatment plans and amputee education will allow you to regain your mobility and be ready to go back to your life.

Supportive equipment for amputees

In some cases, losing a limb prevents you from doing the things you used to do. However, support equipment can help you regain your mobility and independence. Here are some of the most essential tools that can make your life easier following your amputation.


A prosthesis is an artificial tool designed to replace a missing limb or part of one. It is designed in a way that when it is fixed, it enables you to regain your mobility and be able to live an independent life again.

Prostheses come in different types to cater to varying levels of amputation and your mobility needs. You can access a tailored prosthesis from your treatment center. When you undergo an amputation, the prosthetist will design a device that will fit you well to help you meet your needs.

Wheelchairs or crutches

Wheelchairs or crutches can also help amputees increase mobility and reduce dependency. The choice will depend on the level of your comfort and needs. Your insurance policy can wholly or partly cover the device you choose to use. It is therefore vital for you to approach your insurance company to give you details on what the insurance will cover. This will provide you with an opportunity to compare the types of available devices and their prices before making a decision.


These are designed to help you increase mobility, heal from an injury, or prevent deformities. Horton’s has orthotics for upper extremities, lower extremities, and the spine.


Fabricated pedorthotics help prevent or alleviate foot problems caused by disease, overuse, or injury. They include custom shoes, custom diabetic shoes, diabetic socks and accessories, diabetic insoles, post-operative shoes, and shoe modification.

Support services for empowering and inspiring amputees

In many cases, amputation calls for emotional and psychological support to enable you to accept and cope with the situation. There are different amputee support groups in Arkansas you can access to get some much-needed support.

For instance, Horton’s has partnered with a dedicated group of Amputees Ambassadors. Amputee Ambassadors provide empowerment and are a true inspiration for they make you believe that there is a life after amputation. They are people who have experienced situations similar to yours, and their advice could help make a world of difference for you.

Other support networks provide access to educational materials such as those designed by the Amputee Coalition for you and your family members. This organization has a team of professionals available during business hours to help you answer whatever questions you may have.

If you are looking for inspiration online, then there are many websites with inspiring stories shared by amputees from around the world. These blogs share stories that will empower and inspire you to gain courage and carry on with your life. The stories are from people who have already gone through the amputation, accepted their new way of life and continue to live life to the full.

There are also websites which are dedicated to providing support to amputees as well as a host of other solutions to make your life easier. Some raise public awareness on the need to make the lives of amputees better while others connect care facilities with manufacturers to help prepare personalized devices.

For more information

You are not in your situation alone. An amputation requires a lot of courage and support, and Horton’s is here to help. For more information about amputation education in Arkansas, contact Horton’s Orthotics & Prosthetics today at (501) 214-4191.