How Custom Orthopedic Shoes Can Alleviate Your Foot Pain

How Custom Orthopedic Shoes Can Alleviate Your Foot Pain

If you experience foot pain related to a medical condition, recent surgery, or trauma, consult the pedorthists at Horton’s Orthotics & Prosthetics to discover your options for custom orthopedic shoes in Arkansas.

Millions of individuals in the United States can and do suffer from chronic or post-surgical foot pain. While ready-made footwear can be modified to accommodate some issues, such as hammer toes or feet that differ in size and shape, pedorthists agree that long-term and more complex foot deformities and disease-induced conditions are best accommodated with quality custom orthopedic shoes. The staff at Horton’s Orthotics & Prosthetics is licensed and certified to fill a doctor’s prescription for a custom-fitted and fabricated orthopedic shoe that fits your needs.

Do You Need a Custom Orthopedic Shoe?

Some foot issues are too complex for a simple retrofit of a ready-made shoe. In general, pain and deterioration of the foot and toes are intensified with the wrong shoes, which can manifest as:

  • diabetic foot ulcers and neuropathy
  • edema (swelling in the lower limbs)
  • charcot arthropathy (breakdown of bones and joints which leads to deformity)
  • improper gait, which can impact other joints such as your knee or hip
  • heavy calluses and bunions
  • plantar fasciitis, or jogger’s heel (a heel ligament disorder)
  • needed amputation of toes or parts of the foot

By redistributing the forces associated with walking, a custom orthopedic shoe can relieve stress on the foot and alleviate chronic foot pain. If you experience these issues, custom orthopedic shoes can be very beneficial in comparison to pre-fabricated shoes. This is because they can:

  • Relieve painful pressure points, skin irritation and subsequent breakdown
  • Decrease painful horizontal shear (side to side movement of the foot) and vertical shock
  • Limit undue motion in the foot
  • Promote stability and control as the foot contacts the floor or ground
  • Support, rather than aggravate, any deformities

Custom orthopedic shoes can also help normalize your gait step for step and assist with balance when standing up and standing still. Proper positioning of the feet when walking translates to far less muscle pain, overstretching of ligaments and tendons, and chronic fatigue while achieving better overall mobility.

How are Custom Orthopedic Shoes Made?

Construction of custom orthopedic shoes in Arkansas involves a lot of science, thought, planning, and some artistry, too. Pedorthic device specialists at Horton’s Orthotics & Prosthetics take your doctor’s prescription, make a wooden last (model) of your foot, and use leather and other materials to craft shoes that will last several years with proper maintenance.

If you’re looking to support and heal your foot following surgery, sole stiffeners help delicate areas of the foot by stabilizing the movement of the foot. Carbon plates limit flexing of the foot to combat conditions that place stress on your joints and muscles. Thermoplastic toe boxes can provide protection similar to steel toes, but with a better fit and less friction in areas of the shoes where two materials are joined together.

Consult Horton’s Orthotics & Prosthetics

Initial consultations are free at Horton’s Orthotics & Prosthetics, so schedule an appointment to discuss custom orthopedic shoes in Arkansas with one of our clinicians. We can and provide the fit and follow-up care you need to achieve the optimal long-term benefits of foot pain relief with your custom orthopedic shoes. If you have questions, call us at 501-683-8889 to learn more.

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