I’m An Athlete, Should I Have a Different Kind of Prosthetic?

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I’m An Athlete, Should I Have a Different Kind of Prosthetic?

I’m An Athlete, Should I Have a Different Kind of Prosthetic?

Taking advantage of modern sports prosthetics for athletes can help keep active amputees in the game.

The loss of a limb is traumatic for every amputee, but for those whose life revolves around sports, the inability to continue to compete can often lead to depression. However, losing a limb does not mean true competitors need to stop doing what they love. The correct custom sports prosthesis for your preferred athletic activity can help you live life to fullest on and off the field.

Not all prosthetics are the same, and for serious athletes, finding the right prosthetic device is important for remaining active. Luckily, the world of sports-focused prosthetics is quickly expanding to include a wide range of sport-specific prosthetics. From running blades to SCUBA swimming legs, there are options for athletes engaged in almost any sport.

If you are an amputee who is looking to get back into sports, you need to find a custom prosthesis that can meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.

Which Sports Prosthetics Are Right for Me?

Every situation is different, so the first step in finding the right prosthesis for you is to have a consultation with an experienced team of prosthetic specialists. An expert prosthetist will not only assist with designing a custom prosthesis for you, but will be able to tell you what types of specifications you need to achieve your functional goals. With their help, you can consider prosthetic limbs for fishing, swimming, baseball, basketball, running, bicycling, golfing, dancing, skiing, snowboarding, and more.

Horton’s Orthotics & Prosthetics has worked with many athletes over the course of our history to offer them custom sports prosthetics. Sharing our success stories with individuals like Chris Madison and Jessica Smith displays how advanced prosthetic devices can be by utilizing today’s technology.

After undergoing a below-knee amputation, Chris set a goal of competing in Iron Man competitions and marathons. With a prosthetic running leg and bike leg, Chris was able to meet and exceed his goals. A fundraising campaign connected our team with Jessica, who needed waterproof legs to help her continue fieldwork in marine biology after losing both legs below the knee. We fabricated her a set of SCUBA legs with rotating ankles, allowing her to dive back into the water and continue pursuing her studies.

Are Bionic Sports Prosthetics My Best Option?

Bionic prosthetics are more advanced and responsive than non-bionic alternatives, making them particularly useful in fabricating sports prosthetics if used in compliance with your sport’s regulations. These types of prosthetics attempt to duplicate the behavior of natural limbs by functioning in the same way as bones and muscles. A variety of technology can be utilized to improve the performance of a sports prosthesis, decrease any safety risks, and increase responsiveness.

Although bionic prosthetics can open up new possibilities, not every person is a good candidate for them. It is important to talk to an experienced prosthetist to learn about your options.

Learn More About Sports Prosthetics

If you need a custom bionic or non-bionic sports prosthesis for your athletic activities, contact the prosthetics team at Horton’s Orthotics and Prosthetics at 501-683-8889. We work with athletes who participate in a wide range of competitive and non-competitive sports. Schedule a consultation with a sports prosthetist today to see what kind of device can be created for you.

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