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Mid adult therapist asks veteran questions before therapy starts

A.B.L.E.: Benefits of Joining an Amputee Support Group

Despite much training and care, your doctors, family members, friends, and even therapists may not fully understand your feelings after an amputation. To them, you are coping well — especially after getting a prosthesis.  However, there are challenges that only fellow amputees and amputee support ... Read More

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6 of the Best Websites for Amputees

Life throws a lot of challenges at people who are coping with limb loss. Add to that the challenges of adjusting to prosthetics, and the questions can really add up. Whether you are searching for advanced prosthetics in Arkansas, a support group for amputees or a myriad of other solutions, the right ... Read More

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4 Winter Weather Tips for Walking With Prosthetic Legs

Even in more temperate climates, navigating with prosthetic legs in winter weather can take some getting used to. For those who are new to walking with prosthetic legs in the winter, especially those in Arkansas’ unpredictable weather, a little know-how can make the difference between taking a few ... Read More