An Outlook on Life Growing Up With Prosthetics

Whether your child is born with a limb difference or experiences trauma that requires amputation, prosthetics can give them a lifetime of support. A pediatric prosthetist’s job is to custom fit a prosthesis for your child that keeps them moving. Along with occupational therapists, psychologists, and ... Read More

Supporting Your Spine: Do You Need a Brace for Your Back Pain?

Back problems are a common cause of chronic pain, but they do not always respond to conventional treatment methods. Orthotic back braces may offer an effective solution for those who are looking for long-term support and pain relief. Back pain affects roughly 27 million adults in the US, according ... Read More

When Your Feet Are Your Livelihood, You Need the Right Shoes

Athletic activities can put considerable pressure on your feet, increasing your risk of injury. Shoe orthotics for athletes can provide extra support, comfort, and protection while running, jumping, and performing other repetitive or strenuous movements. Athletes put their feet through a lot of wear ... Read More

Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Orthotic Options for Treating SMA

Children with spinal muscular atrophy typically have problems with muscle strength and mobility. Pediatric orthotics can help these children move and perform different tasks. Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) affects roughly 1 in 6,000 births, making it a fairly common genetic disorder. A genetic ... Read More

How to Find the Best Post-Operative Shoes for Your Feet

Supporting your feet during recovery ensures your surgery is a success, so choose the post-operative shoes that are right for you and your needs. Whether you have a bone deformity, arthritis, bunions, or injury, you may tend to focus only on researching the best treatment and preparing for surgery. ... Read More