The Importance of a Proper Fitting Prostheses

A prosthesis is an artificial limb to help a person who has lost their leg or arm complete everyday activities — such as dressing, eating, or walking — and live independently. Advancements in prosthetic technology have made it possible for many people with a prosthetic limb to function almost as ... Read More

Horton’s Orthotics & Prosthetics COVID-19 Precautions

As multiple closures and mixed messages circulate, appropriate care measures surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) are of monumental importance. At Horton’s, we are taking the appropriate measures recommended by the CDC to promote positive health efforts, limit viral exposure, and protect at-risk ... Read More

What Type of Prostheses do I Need?

If you are exploring the world of prosthetics to improve your quality of life, you may be wondering what type of prosthesis you need. Discover the different types of prosthetics, how they work, and the benefits they provide. What is a prosthesis? A prosthesis is a device used to replace any ... Read More

A.B.L.E.: Benefits of Joining an Amputee Support Group

Despite much training and care, your doctors, family members, friends, and even therapists may not fully understand your feelings after an amputation. To them, you are coping well — especially after getting a prosthesis.  However, there are challenges that only fellow amputees and amputee support ... Read More